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I found DOT using your page.... Ron Burrell contacted me and had found Duval in Selden New York. Thanks for a great page, without it this would not have been possible!  Thanks again - Glenn

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November 1997

I was able to contact John Lechman (I knew him as PJ). One day I was browsing and found your web site ..... We have been communicating quite often since then.

PJ and I worked together ... took a "basket leave" one weekend to Amsterdam. WOW, what a great 3 days. PJ e-mailed some pictures from that trip ... when I opened them up on my screen, the memories came rushing back. It was a great feeling.

We talked on the phone ... began to tentatively plan a return trip. We may also be able to recruit two other Bentwaters/Woodbridge USAF buddies (Bill Dahl and Gerald Burleigh) to go with us...

PJ mentioned that he wanted to meet you while we are there. I'll keep you posted.

Take Care!
Dile Holton


2 November 1997

Thought you might like to hear another story about how your page brought old friends back together again.

You have Sean Schoff's page linked from yours ... the Bentwaters & Woodbridge Alumni page. I saw a name, searched for his email address, and sent an email. I got a real nice reply back.

... we are talking about ... a guy who took one of my daughters to the senior prom at Woodbridge ... 1983. ... I can now contact his parents that are retired USAF and talk about the good old days at Bentwaters.

I called my daughter ... she was really amazed that I found her ex-fiancée. .... None of this could have been possible with Linn Barringer's Woodbridge Suffolk home page.

Thanks again Linn and keep up the good work. .... Are we having fun yet or what?

Cheers from
Ron Burrell


July 1997.

Ron Burrell credits this site as the source of him meeting Tom Miller, a long lost buddy from his Bentwaters days, and here's the proof:

RIGHT: Tom Miller, left, with Ron Burrell. Tom looks a lot happier than Ron, but then Ron's just shelled out for a Pontiac Bonneville. Huh, the kids today!


LEFT is Tom with Ron's wife, Pam. Actually, I think it's Ron's daughter.

Here's a Jan 2003 Picture of Ron:
Ron Burrell 15 January 2 003



And this one is from

Oct 2005


May 1997

Also, I have spoken to Glenn Martin a month ago .... He was really thankful for all that you did .... We talked for hours .... I enjoyed the memories so much that I put in for orders .... I am going to be stationed at Lakenheath next winter! I am already looking forward to the day that I will be able to go back to the Woodbridge area to see how it all has changed! I think that it would be nice also to be able to meet the person responsible for such a clever web page!
SSgt. Steven Adams

My home address is:
Steven Adams
4-B Meadowrun Cir.
Valdosta GA 31602


12 March 1997

I wrote you in January asking for your help in locating an old friend, Peter John Miller. Today I received a letter from him. Just wanted to thank you for your help in this. If I am lucky enough to get to visit England again soon, I will call you. Thanks again.

Mary Warren Jackson

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