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Georgina Bruni

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Georgina Bruni

Author of "You Can't Tell the People", the best book analysing the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, died after a long illness, last weekend. (19/20 January 2008.)

Georgina Bruni


Georgina Bruni, UFO Researcher, 1947-2008

I am very sorry to have to report that Georgina Bruni died at the weekend, following a long illness which she fought with great courage and dignity.

She led an extraordinary life and tried her hand at a wide variety of jobs, working variously as a dancer, fashion designer and nightclub manager. She travelled extensively and at various times lived in Jersey, Italy, Hong Kong and America, before settling in London in 1992.

She wrote poetry, designed a positive thinking course and founded Hot Gossip, an online magazine. She was a former director of the Yacht Club, where she was involved in hosting social events for MPs, diplomats and MoD officials. Later on she became a PR consultant and ran a social club, Le Club 2000.

Georgina is best known to this List for her research into the Rendlesham Forest incident. She consulted on and contributed to various TV documentaries on the subject and her book on the case, You Can't Tell The People, won her praise not just from the UFO community but from former Chief of the Defence Staff Lord Hill-Norton and from Gordon Williams, who had been Commanding Officer of the twin bases of Bentwaters and Woodbridge when the incident occurred.

Nick Pope
25 January 2008


Other comments received

January 26, 2008
From: John T Wright:
For those of us who served the USAF during this period, we regarded Georgina as a much needed voice. Where we were constrained by policy, Georgina gave light to a phenomenon which even today requires disclosure.
Keep the flame alive.

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