Twin Bases - RAF Bentwaters, RAF Woodbridge

RAF Bentwaters - Technical Site - 510th, Dispersal among the pine trees

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3 October 2001

510th AMU (Aircraft Maint. Unit) and Sq. Operations (Fighter Ops)

This building is in the heart of the pine-wooded dispersal area.  Very modern building, with what looks like presentation, briefing or training facilities. David Galvan has the details... "510th AMU (Aircraft Maint. Unit) and Sq. Operations (Fighter Ops).  In 1992 further work took place. Because it had been funded in prior year budgets, the work had to take place. Some sort of microwave equipment whose purpose was unknown to me."


510th squadron mascot - the 510th Buzzards

In a building adjacent to the one above, in the wooded dispersal area, I saw this artwork through a window. The top version is "as it was" but the bottom version is a manually-created composite of three zoomed-in shots, to get better detail.

510th squadron mascot - the 510th Buzzards - manually re-created version.

David Galvan added:
"The bald eagles bracketing the A-10 is in the 510th Operations bldg."

Eileen Blanchard added, in December 2005: "I was just looking at the BW site and the sections on "Dispersal" pictures of the secret filming location. I noticed a couple pictures of birds that were painted and viewed from the outside of the 510th Operations building. Well, I worked in the 510 th Fighter Squadron operations building from 1991-1993 as a young admin airman. I believe that what are labeled as eagles, were in fact our squadron mascot - the 510th Buzzards. I know that it is a small detail, but I was happy to see my old squadron mentioned. I have such happy memories of working at BW and the 510th. Thanks for all that you do!
Eileen Blanchard

Possible future uses of the dispersal area at RAF Bentwaters: holiday lodges.

One of the possible future uses of the dispersal area at RAF Bentwaters: holiday lodges - this is a demo unit.



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